Non-Invasive Prenatal Test

A non invasive blood test may be the right choice for your prenatal paternity test.

11Do you need to know or confirm who the father of your unborn child is? There are several choices available now for prenatal paternity tests. They each have advantages and disadvantages.

The non invasive prenatal test is just one option. However, the good news is that since it is non invasive it actually poses no risk to your unborn child or yourself. Call us today at 800-417-3792 for a free consultation about the non invasive prenatal test or fill out the form at

The non invasive prenatal test is a new technology of prenatal screening. Done as early as 13 weeks, the non invasive blood test is a good choice for a prenatal DNA test.

It only utilizes the blood from the mother and samples from the alleged 12father(s). Blood is not drawn from the potential father though. It can detect the blood of the fetus in the mother’s blood.

Unlike other prenatal paternity tests, the non invasive prenatal test has 0% risk of miscarriage and 0% risk of harm to the fetus. The non invasive prenatal tests are safe and cost effective. You don’t even need a doctor to collect the samples. We have hundreds of collection sites located worldwide for your convenience.

The results from the non invasive prenatal test are 100% accurate and are ready in up to 5 days. Call us today for your free consultation at 800-417-3792 or fill out the online form at